“The Dark Side” or “Evil 1%er” wants to maintain current power structure. Whatever it takes.


“Keep it running, as if nothing happened” is their same old tactics. Let Hillary win by narrow margin, and keep it that way. 

Simulating that scenarios, Jewish mainstream media is already set to run the Hillary’s winning story.
No matter how criticized they may be, they will look the other way, and wait until the torrent storm subsides. That way, US mainstream media is under 1%er’s total control. (though rebellious disorder is already under way)

Japan, as a vassal state, the US’s Presidential Election news is very much restrained, unheard as if not happening. 

In the same manner, the Clinton pedophilia connection, or the leakage of State Security, etc., have never been covered.
P.M. Shinzo Abe, 1%er’s perfect poodle, is all wanting to approve TPP Trade Deal, which is 1%er’s stratagem of N.W.O., assuming Hillary’s victory by ‘rigged’ election.
And, underworld organizations around Abe concocted-P.M. will bombard truth-seekers with denouncement. Judicature, media, police, national tax, even drug junkies will be mobilized. Utterly insane behavior. With full-out mobilization out of such organizations in Japan, they are relentless to secure 1%er’s domain. They share the same fate; rogues and gangsters put-together, concerted efforts.
But, this time, it’s different.
Such minions of 1%er are fearful if they could proceed as planned. 
They can count on no one other than CIA.
But, renegades are emerging from within CIA.
FBI wants to prosecute Hillary Clinton. So does the NSA.
When Donald Trump camp has scrutinized rigged election, and hence 99% rises, it is most unlikely to put protestors to FEMA facility and keep their mouth shut. It will end up waking up the whole world, if that’s the case.
Eventually, the will of 99% proves too strong to break, which will put 1%er’s dominance to end. It would take a little more time.
But the flash point that Trump ignited dies hard. It will go and go bigger.
President Putin and Chairman Xi Jinping, who fathom the man-made world structure, are observing how it goes from a little distance. Rather surveilling.
Both leaders know who 1%er is. They will no longer tolerate 1%er’s rampage.
This isn’t just a fight. This is a War of mankind. A War between 1 million of Evil Jewish Financiers and 7 billion of All Mankind.
We will win this war, whatever it takes. From demons and monsters, we will win to bring “all mankind’s Right to Live” back to where it belongs. 
Justice will prevail in the end. From that moment on, a new age will be born.
November 6, 2016
(— Richard Koshimizu)