【A Declaration from Richard Koshimizu】

Shinzo Abe, who became the prime minister of Japan as a result of three consecutive rigged elections, is merely a puppet manipulated by the fake-Jew financial capitalists of
America, and is plotting the third world war in the Far East under their control.

If you don’t want to waste your children’s lives in the battlefield, stand up and fight!
“911 inside job”, “A war game Aum Terror”, “311 man-made earthquake”, “Three rigged
national elections”, “A fake cold war in the Far East”, “A plan of the final world war”,
etc… I am reading ahead of these plots to prevent disastrous outcomes.

The Zionist are robbing the Japanese of our wealth, and provoking a war in the Far East.
The most important thing for us to stop them is to know the truth.

I am determined to share the truth with many people so that they can be awakened.

Come and join us!

Richard Koshimizu